Unconventional sales tips – generating leads in real estate

22-07-2023 | News

3 Unconventional Sales Tips with leads generated in real estate – how to NOT sound like a salesperson!

  1. Don’t rapport build / small talk for 5 minutes at the start of the call. Why? Because it makes you sound like every other salesperson out there AND you can build rapport and trust by asking great questions and listening
  2. Don’t present with slides – it makes you look like a sales guy or girl and feels super pitchy. Instead, talk people through your solution in a conversational way relating each point to the problems they’ve just finished telling you about. It needs to feel tailored and bespoke.
  3. Don’t be too polished. Memorize your script inside and out so that you know exactly what you are going to say next BUT when you say it pause, add in umms and ahh’s to make it feel natural like a conversation. Knowing it all helps you relax, stay present, and really listen.

You want the whole thing to feel like a natural conversation where you are creating a tailored solution to their problems. Basically, you want to make it sound like the opposite of most of your competitors who will be yelling at their clients with a PowerPoint.

Either way, these are some strategies that I’ve been playing around with and had some success with. They obviously will not work for everyone but it’s always good to try new things.

Do you do any of these, do you agree with me or disagree?

Happy selling,


PS: We help our clients with sales scripts, if you’d like to talk through what is working click the link on the home page and let’s have a chat.

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