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How not to do B2B marketing

Wes Stephen talks about his experience generating B2B appointments via LinkedIn vs Networking events.
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What is the best stock to promote right now

Sandi Cunliffe from Cunliffe Consulting gives insights into her best property marketing strategy.
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Role Playing

SALES PEOPLE, how often do you role play?
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Percentage of time talking about your service

I spend around 20 minutes of a 60-minute call explaining what we do. That’s fine, right? Apparently not.
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Meeting clients

Last week our superstar General Manager, Azelle Evans flew around the country meeting our clients face to face.
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Unconventional sales tips – generating leads in real estate

These are some strategies that I’ve been playing around with and had some success with.
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Marketing for real estate agents: Appointment setters

Do you hang up if someone from overseas calls you?
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Real estate marketing: The law of reciprocity

Reciprocity when done right should leave both parties feeling like they got a win.
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Positioning yourself to close the deal

Hear me get schooled by Sales Coach Wes Stephen!
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