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Hear how Jono is on course to double his business with 20 new referral partners.

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Jono covers:

  • What to say to a Referral Partner
  • Different ways to incentivize Referral Partners outside a referral fee
  • How he has automated his referral generation
  • How much time a serious referral generation machine takes up each week

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I'd say definitely go for it because doing it yourself is just really hard. And these guys take you through every step of the way you organize what they're gonna say through linkedin, what your messages are gonna be. They don't, you know, just do it at a hoc.

They work with you. You work on scripts, your backup material is real, really good as well. There's a lot of really good material on their portal. So yeah, I'd say go for it.

Jonathan Fordham, Capital Edge
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