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Hayden Enlund is the Director of Maywood Property Group based in Victoria.

They specialize in providing quality off-the-plan real estate property to First Home Buyers. Bringing stock from elite off-market builders to the public.

When the campaign started, Victoria was under a Level 4 lockdown due to COVID-19, but there was no stopping the engine and the results we got have been record-breaking!

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In just 4 weeks, here are the results:

  • 280+ Leads
  • 40 Appointments booked with pre-qualified leads
  • 3 Sales to be closed off in the next month

With lockdowns & restrictions lifted, Hayden can now work through his massive pipeline and potentially make 3 sales MINIMUM before the year ends.

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I'm also a big believer in James and what you've brought to me as someone who's younger coming into the game and taking that first step.

Hayden Enlund, Maywood Property Group
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