Real estate marketing: The law of reciprocity

22-05-2023 | News

I was at the markets on the weekend and I got SCHOOLED.

It was getting close to lunchtime and the morning markets were nearing their end. You know the time you can pick up a deal!

Anyway, I went up to buy a bag of avocados (who can say no to a $3 bag!) when the stall owner thrust a huge bag into my hands.

He said, “Here you go, take this free bag of cut veggies to stir fry.”

I saw the multi-colour bag of delicious assorted veggies and the $8 price tag and I thought – WINNING.

I figured that he was probably going to throw it out, hence why he gave it to me.

With a huge smug smile, which can only come from a man who’s paid $3 for a bag of Avo’s AND a bag of veggies, I gratefully said “Thanks!”.

He then picked up 3 tubs of blueberries and with a huge smile said, “Would you like to buy these blueberries. 3 tubs for $15?”. He then just stood silent looking me in the eye.

I. Was. Owned.

I had absolutely no intention of buying blueberries but the law of reciprocity is so embedded in our human DNA I had to buy it!

“Yyyyessss. I’d love to buy them, and feeling like a kid that had just dropped his ice cream in the dirt and was trying to salvage what was left, I handed over the cash”

So, in real estate marketing have you recently experienced the emotions that come with the law of reciprocity either as a giver or a receiver?

Happy Selling,

PS: In no way do I condone his sales actions as it didn’t leave me, the buyer with a good feeling. Reciprocity when done right should leave both parties feeling like they got a win.

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